Shiro Swatches; Blues and Greens

I was going to do the greens on their own, but the I realised I have 4 blues... These swatches are done over Rimmel Exaggerate Primer. All shiro shadows are very pigmented and go on creamy and easy.
Bubblebeam//Zora Sapphire//Tardis//Rebellion
I also dont have that many teals, and all of them are pretty much the same... Why did I buy them all? Anyway they are all gorgeous even if I didn't really need to buy them all.
Farores Wind//Maiden Queen//Kraken
And now the greens! I have more than I thought I did, as I'm a person who never wears green eyeshadow. Well I haven't even worn anything other than neutrals and brown for about a year...
There and Back Again//Vine Whip//Drawing Room Fashion
//Lingered in Twlight

Rage Monster//Kokiri Emerald//Beyond The Fence
Shiro's eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)