Negative Space Decals

These decals, are so amazing to look at for me, that it *almost* makes up for the fact I nearly cried at least twice while making them. They took absolutely ages for me to do, as the little spaces I had to fill in where so teeny, they gave my hand cramps. Plus I decided to do ten, ten decals all with what felt like a million bits to fill in...
Once I had filled in all ten, I was really pleased with myself and excited to put them on my nails... Which did not go well, as you can see in these photos I put the thumb one on backwards. Like a boss. But I think the rest look amazing, but that thumb though...

What I Used;
Essence Stampy White
DangleFoot Hulk Smash
DangleFoot True Of Heart
DangleFoot True Loves Kiss
DangleFoot Does My Bum Look Big in This
DangleFoot Happy Ever After
DangleFoot Prince Charming
Gosh Holographic Hero
Moyou Enchanted 05


More Swirls

More swirl decals today, as it means I can make decals on day when I have time, and then the next day (or two) I can put them on my nails when I get a hour or so to do so. Yay for lazy nail art for me right now. I'll try to get back into a routine where I can post about twice a week aswell now.
I went with some pastel colours for my swirls this time, I feel like this freezing weather is getting my into a funk where I just don;t want to do anything, so I thought having some nice pastely nails would make me feel a bit better. Plus I decided to add some super sparkly glitter to make the mani extra wonderful.

What I Used;
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl
China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint
Color Club Un-named Coral
Barry M Limited Edition Yellow



I love these types of nails, but I've never been very good at them. So I have to make decals rather than swirl the polish on my nails. I always do more decals that I'll need so that I have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the patterns for my nails. Plus if I ruin any, it means I have plenty more left over to use.
I went with a super simple colour scheme, just blue and black, and I'm so glad I didn't go overboard with the colours as I just love how these turned out. I think I need to remember less is more with the swirling sometimes though, as I seem to go overboard quite often.

What I Used;
Color Club Un-named pastel blue
Jess Midnight


Rainbow gradient

I finally had some time to do my nails, yay! Although I took crappy photos of them and I only has one that as usable, and I had taken them off by the time I put the photos on the laptop. It's probably best theres not to many photos of these as they arent the best. Vertical gradients are something I've yet to master.
What I Used;
MUA Whitewash (base)
Barry M Limited Edition Yellow
Sinful Colors Innocent
Primark un-named blue
Rimmel Give Me Some of That
2True Mila