Dino Embellishments

I've bought some T-Rex embellishments before, from pretty much my favourite place to buy nail art things right now, and recently they added these brontosaurus ones aswell, so I had to have them! While they were in my cart I added some of the vinyl stencils aswell, as I've tried them before and I loved them, they make things so much easier sometimes, plus I had to make my order more than shipping didn't I.
I used the stencils to sponge on a gradient, in colours that matched the glitter polish I used as closely as I could, just maybe I should use more opaque colours over a non white base next time... I added the cute dinos to my ring finger after bending him over my nail art brush so that he curved against my nails and didn't stick up too much.
What I Used;
B. Seafoam
Essie We're All In This Together
NYC Lexington Yellow
Glam Polish Juggling Jupiter
Brontosaurus embellishments


Explosion of Colour

The last prompt for the clairestelle8may challenge I'm doing is "kaleidoscope",  and I will admit that even when I first saw all the prompt together before I started the challenge made me wanna die a little. I mean I know what they look like, but as I have no stamping images that look like that (yet!) I had no idea, so I went with a kaleidoscope of colour, rather than a literal kaleidoscope image. This is the most I've ever had to use the word Kaleidoscope ever... I used the cling film (or saran wrap) technique, and splodged  (technical term) the colours all over my nail until I was happy.
So, here's what I ended up doing, yeah not what you were probably expecting for that prompt, but I like it. Plus a kaleidoscope is described as "containing loose, coloured objects" so you can pretend my nails are lots of loose coloured objects all smooshed (another technical term) together, right? No?
What I Used;
Barry M White
NYC Lexington Yellow
China Glaze Designer Satin
Un-named Primark blue (came in a set of four blues)
Cling Film


The best face mask ever!

Seriously, this is a post about a amazing face mask (for my skin anyway, your might be very different than mine), but it's currently only available in one place in the world (boo!) and that is the Oxford Street Lush in London. This beauty is Rosy Cheeks!  I only have this mask because I went to London for a few days for my birthday, and it just happened to be just after this store opened. I did buy pretty much all the exclusives that I wanted (and a few more) and on the last day I was there we went back to Lush and I bought this beauty, and I'm so glad I did. I'm also glad it survived not being in the fridge for about 12 hours. 
This mask is very thick (as you can tell from the photo), and tends to dry slightly on my face, but when I wash it off my skin is so soft, and the mask helps to reduce the redness I get on my cheeks, forehead and nose. Hurray for getting rid of redness, woo! Because this mask is so thick, I used less than I normally would for my face, which means it'll last a bit longer than normal for me. I think I got about 7/8 uses from this post, and previous lush masks I've used have lasted about 2/3 uses less than this one. Also this mask smells amazing, it shares it's scent with the rose jam bubbleroon, pearl massage bar, and ro's argon body wash, it's such an amazing scent, floral but sweet. 

I took a photo of the ingredients list as the oxford street exclusives don't have ingredient lists anywhere at the moment, and I've seen a few people ask about what's in items due to allergies and sensitivities.



These looked a bit better in real life, but I'm not completely happy about these to be honest. I think it's just because the aren't as smooth as I would like, but that might be because the green and blue I used were both one coaters, which I don't normally use for gradients.

The purple didn't really make it onto my nails, I tried to, but it just did not happen. Which is a shame, as it seems to be the colour that blended the best of the three. I originally planned to gradient all my nails, but I wasn't feeling it after doing a few, so I went with neutral with some cute studs as accent nails.
What I Used;
Sinful Colors Innocent
Sinful Colors Savage
Barry M Bright Purple
Barry M Lychee
Arrowhead studs from She Sells Sea Shells 


Roses and Stripes

I was supposed to post this earlier, but I'm a lazy bum who watched about 8 episodes of Due South instead of editing photos. Anyway... I haven't done rose nail art in about a year or so, so these are not as good as I would have liked, but you can tell they are roses (hopefully) so they'll do.
I kept the same colour scheme I used in my last mani, as I loved it. Yellow and blue, yay! Also kept the same sort of stripes as I thought they would work here aswell. They did, I love them.
What I Used;
Un-branded un-named white
Accessorise Green Lagoon (which is quite clearly not green)
NYC Lexington Yellow (used as it, and mixed with white and black)
Jess Midnight
Barry M Spring Green (used as is, and mized with white)
Small dotting tool
Striping tape



The next prompt for the #clairestelle8 challenge is nautical, I didn't want to do the usual red and blue though, so I ended up with these. I love them! I just wish I had paid more attention to the anchor nail, as it came out a bit bigger than I wanted, but hey-ho, that's what I get for not paying attention. 

I can't really remember why I went with this colour scheme, it might have just been me getting my favourite yellow out now that the weather has been a bit nicer. I do like this colour scheme though, I feel like I never use just blue, silver and yellow together.
What I used;
un-branded un named white (I clearly need an actual white polish soon...)
Barielle Swizzle Stixs
China Glaze Electric Pineapple
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl
Striping tape
Dotting tool


Double Stamped Stars

These were inspired by Hayley of Danglefoot Polish, and some nails she posted on her instagram a few days ago. I went with the stars, as it meant I could use them for the third prompt (I skipped the second prompt, as they were a disaster) for the clarestelle8 challenge I'm doing. 

I loved these, I kept the same colour scheme as Hayley did, and I'm so glad I did as these felt quite springy to me, and forced me to dig out two polishes I haven't used very often out of hiding.
What I Used;
Manhattan Rock Topia 3
Unbranded Un named white polish
Konad Red
Cheeky stamping plates CH4, CH5


Wish You Were Here

 The beautiful glitter I've used in this mani is Different Dimension Wish You Were Here, it full of all sorts of glitter- large and small circles, teeny squares and medium squares, in pink blue and silver. This was about one and a half coats dabbed on the nail. I really think I need to use this glitter more often, as I've had it for over a year and I think I've only used it twice before this.

 What I Used:
Arrowhead studs from She Sells Sea Shells
Orly Boho Bonnet
Different Dimension Wish You Were Here
Beauty UK Chestnut


A really bad comparison post...

I recently found out that apparently E.L.F are no longer going to be sold here in the UK, what the frak E.L.F seriously?! So I now have to find replacements for a few bits I have from them, which right now is actually just an eye primer, and cream eyeliner. So here's a first comparison post between E.L.F eyelid primer and Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix eye primer. Before we get to the photo's I'm gonna do a disclaimer right here, and say I suck at taking photo's of my eyes, and I'm not pro at the putting on of the makeup either, so please forgive me I'm still learning. Also my eyebrows need doing so they look awful here.

First up we have Makeup Revolution, which in the tube looks the same as the first E.LF primer I had (the mineral one), which I liked as it was easier to blend over the eyelid than one that's white in colour.

Here's what my eyes looked like after about 6 hours... Not so great, most of the eyeshadow has come off, and creases galore. Not impressed.

Now here's the E.LF one I've been using for about a month right now, it's white and doesn't seem to blend aswell as the Makeup Revolution one does. 

Here's how it held up after about 6 hours. The colour has faded a little, but no creases. 

In short, I think the E.L.F one is much better for me than Makeup Revolution, as I need a primer that will last all day without creases. I'm going to have to keep searching for the perfect primer for now though.


Inspired by The Nailasaurus

I'm doing an instagram nail art challenge, my first nail art challenge ever! These are for the second prompt which is "inspired by another artist" which I took to mean another nail artist. Although I did nearly go with a more traditional artist, but these made more sense.
These were inspired by The Nailasaurus, who has to be one of my favourite nail artists, and I think she might have been the person who made me want to give nail art a go in the first place. I don't have a link to the post for these, as she did them a while ago now.
I went with re-creating these, as I love dinosaurs and I really wanted to use my dinosaur embellishments, as I haven't used them in quite a while now. I also have brontosaurus ones that I almost used, but I didn't have a suitable silver glitter to do the gradient with, as they are silver not gold like the t-rex ones I used.

What I used;
Dinosaurs from She Sells Sea Shells
Tiny striping brush
China Glaze Dress Me Up
ELF Golden Goddess
Jess Midnight


So Many Dots

A dotticure is something that is so very simple to do, but always seems to look amazing, or at least I think they do anyway. After I did the nails I posted last, I did these and liked them about a gazillion times more, simply because I love dots. I mean who doesn't love dots.

Clearly my dots need some work to be the same size, but I think that's just because I need to not rush doing them, I had quite a few compliments while wearing these, so I think I might do these in so many colour schemes in the future, as they were pretty quick to do, and look fantabulous.

What I used:
Smallest dotting tool
Unbranded Un-named white (I need a good white polish)
China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise
China Glaze Designer Satin
Barry M Dragonfruit
Barry M Greenberry
2True Mila
NYC Lexington Yellow
Sinful Colors Innocent
Bourjois matte top coat


I'm backk..

...You know, after a million years of ignoring this blog. Anyway, I've been posting nails and things on instagram, and after a little encouragement I have decided to start this blog back up again. I'm sure all 0 of you are so pleased because you missed me so much.  Anyway, onto the nails!

I did take more then one photo of these, but once I had put them onto my laptop I noticed they were a bit blurry, so there's just this one today. I was going to wear these when I went away for a few days, but I wasn't really sure about what I thought of them so I ended up doing dotty ones, that shall be posted here in a few days. I really like the taped nails, but I think the plain nails just looked a bit boring, but I didn't know what else to do.

What I used; 
Striping tape
NYC Lexington Yellow
Accessorize Green Lagoon 
China Glaze In A Lily Bit
A unbranded un-named white