Plaid... Sort of

My last mani made me realize I needed a lot of practice doing lines, as it took me a while to get lines straight and tiny for it. So in a bid to get some practice in I attempted to do a tartan design. It didn't turn out as I saw it in my head. I think I should have used less colours, so it didn't look so "cluttered".
I started with a base colour of E.L.F Light Red, and then did lines of Nails Inc Culross Street (green), Barry M Yellow, Barry M Cobalt Blue and W7 White. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward. 
I'm not a fan of this mani, I think it's got too much going on, and you can't really tell what it is supposed to be. Although it did help with practising doing lines with a striper brush. I've just got to practice getting my lines straight. 


Stained Glass

In my last post I said that I had some inspiration while watching Merlin, so today I have nails based on the stained glass window in Arthur's room. I noticed it and wondered if I could paint it onto my nails. So here is how it turned out, and an awful picture that I took of my tv to show the window in question. 

I used two coats of Barielle Swizzle Stixs over W7 White for the base colour of lightest blue. I then did the crosses in Barielle Sky's The Limit, and then did the squares with Barielle Island Breeze. The black lines were doing with W7 Black. I topped it all off wit China Glaze Fast Forward.
It was a simple design, that I maybe should have done when I was better at doing tiny lines, but never mind. I used a small striper brush, and two brushes that I have cut down so they are tiny for this mani.  


Under The Sea

I always seem to use the same polishes over and over again, so in a bid to stop that I bought some nail wheels and I have painted a swatch of all my nail polishes on them so from now on I can see what I have rather than just opening a drawer and grabbing the first colour I know I love. This led me to create the mani I have to show you today.
The base colour is Barielle Island Breeze, it's a gorgeous blue with a shimmer. As soon as I saw it on the wheel I knew I had to use it with the images on Cheeky plate CH38. The stamping is done with W7 White, and the darker blue dots were done with a dotting tool in Barielle Sky's The Limit. I topped it all off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.
I know I've done quite a lot of stamping lately and I should have an actual freehand mani for you soon, I came up with an idea while watching Merlin, but I shall have to see if it pans out.


Leaf Stamping

I decided on stamping for this mani, because I had an idea for some nail art, but I forgot to make a note of it and then I forgot it and ended up with these. 
I used China Glaze Unpredictable as the base colour, I stamped the image from Cheeky plate CH33 with A England Saint George. I topped it all off with W7 Diamond Top Coat. I did two coats of Unpredictable and then sponged on a layer, as it was a little brushstroke-y.
The photos of these nail are awful and I'm sorry about that, but by the time I put the photos on the computer I had already taken them off. Hopefully you can make out what I did.


Koi Fish

I'm still struggling for inspiration at the moment, hopefully I'll get my nail art mojo back soon though. I found a tutorial ages ago that for some reason I never got around to doing. It's a cute little koi fish video tutorial by Mr Candiipants. Here is my attempt at these adorable little fish.

I started with a base of A England Galahad, and the fish were done with a small striping brush in W7 White, Black and China Glaze Riveting. I didn't want to leave my other nails blank so I stamped the bubble-ish image from Cheeky plate CH9 in Barry M Silver Foil. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I originaly only did the koi on my ring finger and my thumb and stamped the rest, but I thought that the fish on my ring finger looked lonely (he did honest). So I added one more on my middle finger.


Star Bracelet

This bracelet came about when I was going through my jewellery and I realised that I don't own any "dainty" jewellery. I've got an awful lot of animal jewellery though. 
I'm not sure about the length of the bracelet as I made it the length I would need it to be, and I can't find a ruler. The stars are 11mm long and the connectors are 13mm. I love the blue channel set beads, they catch the light beautifully and turn a emerald green, which ofsets the blue wonderfully.


Skittle Stamping

After the pirate stamping I did turned out nothing like I though it would, I had no idea what to put on my nails. After I looked through my plate I saw a cute little deer and a feather images I wanted to use, so I went with a skittle type mani. 
I started with two coats of China Glaze Starboard, which I was worried might be a bit too yellow toned for my skin, but I love it anyway. I stamped the images with W7 Black. All the images except the one on my pinkie are from Bundle Monster plate BM-214 and the one on my pinkie is from BM-221. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
The filigree type image was sort of circular, but I didn't like the way it looked on my nail, so I stamping half of it onto my nail. I prefer it half stamped onto the nail as a half moon type design. 


Pirate Stamping

The stamping on this mani is awful on some nails. But I could not get the all over skull and crossbones to stamp well, this was the best I could get it. I took this mani off once I had taken pictures of it. I'm only showing you it because I really wanted it to turn out great, as I had the idea since I first bought these plates. 


Simple Stripe

I added two more A England nail polishes to my colletion recently. As soon as I saw then I knew I would be using them together. So today have a simple stripe mani created using them both. These have to be the girly-est nails I've had in a very long time.
I did base a colour using Merlin with Guinevere on the accent nail. I then did a stripe along each nail in the opposite colour. Although I prefer the way the colours are on the ring finger and I wish I had done the colours the other way around. I topped it all off with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.
Merlin is such a fab silver glitter, and very dense I used 3 coats for full nail coverage and one coat of top coat smoothed it out nicely.


Blue Bubbles

Are you sick of all the stamping I'm doing at the moment? I pretty much have no inspiration at the moment, so I'm doing an awful lot of stamping right now.
 I bought China Glaze Man Hunt the other day and I wanted to use it so bad so I went through my stamping plates and found a bubbly looking image on Cheeky plates CH9. I stamped using W7 White ,as it just works so well for stamping. I added round silver studs on the accent nail as I though it might look a bit too bland for me without an accent nail. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.


Flowery Half Moons

I finally got around the buying some hole-reinforcers as my attempts at half moon manis are awful. So I thought I'd have another go at them. This attempt is better than my last one, although I think I went a bit overboard on them.
I did base colours of A England Dragon (the lighter green) and Saint George (the darker green) and then added the hole reinforcer and used the opposite colour on the rest of the nail. Apparently I just couldn't leave it at that so I added the reinforcer again and added the flower stamp from image plate Cheeky CH44 in W7 White
I decided to add A England Princess Tears to outline the half moons because I hadn't quite lined up the stamps just right with the half moon I had done. I topped it all off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.



Today's mani is inspired by a  patchwork tutorial I found on Google, as I don't seems to be very inspired to do my nails at the moment. I did love the look that this mani creates though, maybe I should have used different colours.
I did a base colour of China Glaze Stone Cold, which dries super fast so was perfect for doing a tape mani. I then added China Glaze Harvest Moon and China Glaze Watermelon Rind to create the triangle-ish shapes. I topped it all of with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I think this is a look I will probably be doing more of, as it's so simple and quick to do but looks fab.  


Shark Necklace

I've been a bit uninspired with it comes to making things for a little while, but I did find these little shark beads while going through my stash the other day. They are just so adorable I had to make a necklace with one. 
I had to use an eyepin with jump rings on each end to attach the bead to some chain, as I didn't have any jump rings big enough to fit. The shark beads is 1.5" long, so he's a good size without being too big or too small to see what it is.



I have my very first nautical nail art to show you all today. I saw the anchor image on the cheeky plates and I just knew I had to do a nautical nails. 
I used a base coat of W7 white on the nails I would be stamping on and a base coat of Barielle Berry Blue on the nails I would be using striping tape. I used the anchor image from plate CH36 stamped with M&S Red. I used W7 White over Berry Blue after I had placed the striping tape where I wanted it. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
This turned out better than I thought it would, as I wasn't sure how it would turn out because so much of this mani is white.