Cute Little Monsters

Heyy everyone! I got new Cheeky stamping plates, the Summer Collection. I immediately had to use them. A few images jumped out at me when I was looking through them, and the one I had to use first was a little monsters full nail design. It's just so cute.
I put a base colour of A England Dragon, once that was dry I used W7 Black to stamp on the image from plate CH32. I topped it all of with W7 Diamond Top Coat.
How adorable are the little monsters on this image, although because my nails are quite small most of them are along the sides of my nails, but I still love this image.

Here's a bonus shot of Dragon before I stamped over it. It's absolutely stunning! Plus this was one coat, yup all this gorgeous was done in one smooth coat.


Polish haul!

Heyy everyone!! I have a haul post for you today, as I bought 12 nail polishes in three days... And I'm still waiting on two that I bought online. I've used some of these polishes in the previous two manis, as I needed to use some as soon as I had then home.

Opi; Every Month is Oktoberfest, I've Got a Herring Problem, Thanks a Wind-million. Sinful Colors I Love You.
China Glaze; Exotic Encounters, Starboard, Kalahari Kiss, Stone Cold.
China Glaze; Fifth Avenue, Designer Satin, Turned up Turquoise, Watermelon Rind.
Turned up Turquoise is so much brighter in real life than it seems in this photo, I kept trying to get it a bit more like it actually is but I just couldn't get it any better than this sorry.


Lightning Bolt

Heyy everyone! Another striping tape mani for you today. I used the double lightning tutorial from Nailside. Although she used clear tape for hers and I used striping tape to create mine.
I did a base colour of Opi I've Got A Herring Problem on all nails except ring, which I used a base colour of Opi Thanks a Wind-million. I then used Barry M Silver Foil, once the silver was dry I used Thanks a Wind-million, with I've Got A Herring Problem on the ring finger, over the silver. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I used striping tape for this as for some reason I find it easier to use that clear tape, which I got no where with when I tried with that.


Tape Chevrons

Heyy everyone! I've got another tape mani for you today. I used striping tape to create a simple chevron mani.
The base colour is Opi Every Month is Oktoberfest, with Barry M Gold Foil and A England Tristam the chevrons. I topped everything off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.
I used striping tape for the gold, but then I got really impatient and freehanded the blue with a small striping brush, as I couldn't wait for it to dry.


Put that thing back where it came from or so help me...

Heyy everyone! Here is a mani done with flocking powder, and inspired by Monsters Inc as I'm going to see it in the cinema in 3D. I used the flocking powder to create my Sully nails and I did Mike on my ring finger and the logo on my thumb.
I used Barry M Cyan Blue and Bright Purple as the base colours for the flocking powder. Mike was done in a mix of greens (and I can't remember what I used sorry), and I still couldn't get the right shade for him. W7 White and Black with Cyan Blue were used for his eye and mouth. I used the same white, black and blue for the logo. I topped my thumb and ring finger off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I didn't clean up properly after the flocking powder, and I only noticed once I had taken the pictures. 


Testing, Testing

Heyy everyone! The nail I have to show you today are a test for an idea I have that should be the next nail art I show you if it goes well. The nails I’m gonna show you today is also my first attempt at a half-moon mani.
The test I was doing that led me to create this mani is the flocking powder on my accent nail, as I wanted to see how easy it was to work with, how long it lasted etc. It was much easier to do both colours of the nail than I thought it was going to be.
For the non-accent nails I used a base colour of Barry M Bright Purple and freehanded the outline of the moon with a striping brush and then filled in the rest of the nail using Barry M Cyan Blue. I topped these off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.
Sorry about the super blurry picture here... Me and my camera weren't in sync
For the accent nails I did the blue half-moon and then dipped my nail in the powder, and then filled in the rest of the nail with purple and then dipped my nail in the powder once again.


Striping Tape

Heyy everyone! I have another tape mani for you today, I used striping tape today rather than clear tape. These nail were inspired by The Nailasaurus’ striping tape mani she did a few days ago. I loved the design she did on her ring finger and I wondered if it would look nice as a full mani.
I used A England Galahad as the base colour for all nails except the accent nail, which had A England Tristam as the base colour. I placed the tape and then used Tristam and Galahad, and pulled off the tape. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I love the look of this mani, I might start using striping tape more often, as I’ve got loads of it but never use it. 


Checker board

Heyy everyone! I have a tape mani to show you, it kinda looks like a checker board. I used A England once again… I’ll be over them soon I promise, I have a mani that I did after this that I used A England for so maybe that’ll be the last for a while.
Anyway for this mani I did a base colour of Barry M Silver Foil as it dries really fast and I’m quite impatient, Once that had dried I used bits of clear tape to mark off squares and painted A England Saint George over the whole nail. I topped everything off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.
As you can see I didn’t place the tape very well and had to use a small brush to correct quite a bit. Maybe I should buy different tape for these so I can see where the tape is placed a bit better.


Mr Sneeze

Heyy everyone! As it snowed quite a bit here in Wales lately I decided to do snow inspired nails, with an appearance from Mr Sneeze. I don’t actually know why but when I decided to do snow nails I thought of Mr Sneeze, so I wondered if I could create him on my nails.

I started off with a base colour of Opi Sea You in Hollywood and sponged on Barry M Matt White on the tips of the nail I would be stamping on. The stamping is an image from Bundle Monster plate BM-323 using Barry M Silver Foil.

Mr Sneeze is done with acrylic paint aswell as nail polish, the black is paint, the white is Matt White, the blue is Barry M Cobalt Blue and his nose is done with a mix of Barry M Block Orange and white. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.


Brass Whale Pendant

Heyy everyone! I’ve got a whale pendant to show you today. This pendant is made from a metal stamping I bought, and I used a metal hole punch to create tiny holes for the jumps rings so I could put it onto some chain.
The little brass whale measures jut under 5cm long, and as always I’m unsure about the length of the chain as unless I know what length I want the chain to be I’ll just adjust the chain until it sits where I want it to.


Girly Flowers

Heyy everyone! I'm still not past my A England kick but it's not as bad as it was a few days ago, so maybe you will be seeing different brands on my blog soon. But for today is a stamping with the gorgeous A England Princess Tears.
Princess Tears is the base colour for this mani as it's just so gorgeous, although the day I did this it snowed so the holo effect wasn't as obvious, but it's still a gorgeous colour. I stamped the flowers with Accessorize Aquamarine with Cheeky plate CH12. Everything is topped off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.
The stamping is a bit more subtle that I expected it to be, but I actually prefer it like this as the blue doesn't over power the lilac of the base coat.
I couldn't get the flowers to show up on the usual pose so I reversed it, I actually prefer this way though.


Harlequin Nails

Heyy everyone! Today I have some harlequin nails to show you, for these nails I used Nail Nerds tutorial. Obviously mine are not where near as good as hers, and also not really very even. My pinky is a disaster zone.

The base colour is A England Galahad, and I freehanded the diamonds using the second method in the tutorial with W7 Black. I topped everything off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.

I need more practise in making patterns even across my nail, but I don't think I did too bad a job for a first attempt.


Animal... Sort of

Heyy everyone! Today I have an awful nail art of animal to show you, and I only have one picture of it because it's really bad. I'm only uploading it because it took me hours (as I did him on both hands) so I think he needs to be shown even though I only had these nails on long enough to take this picture. Plus the gradient of the red and orange is the best I've ever got them to look.

I'm not going to list everything I used as almost every colour was mixed with another. But the base colours in the gradient are Revlon Fire Fox and Nina Ultra Pro Burnt Orange. I did to, red, orange and pink colour hair on him but my camera didn't pick up on that.

Yeah... I'm sorry for putting your eyes through this ordeal, but they took me sooo long.


Stamping with Princess Tears

Heyy everyone! As I said in my last post I'm an in fact still on my A England kick. I've used them for stamping once again, they work so great for stamping.

I've used W7 Black as the base colour with stamping image from Bundle Monster plate BM-210. I've used A England Princess Tears for most of the nails, with Dragon on the accent nail as I did yesterday. I topped everything off with W7 Diamond Top Coat.

I was surprised that Princess Tears worked so well over he black as it’s such a light colour, but it looks so shimmery and gorgeous over it. Although it hasn't shown up as much on the photos as it does in real life.