Bird ring

Heyy everyone! I have another "here's one I made earlier" for you today, it a ring that sort of goes with the bird necklace I have already shown you.

Once again it's just a simple setting and glass cabochon, the bird image is from the same set that the one I used for the necklace was from, I cut it down from the 18x25mm size to a 12mm circle to fit into the ring.

I'm not sure if you can see it properly in the photos but the bird is wearing a tiny little crown, which I find adorable for some reason.


Fox Nail Art

Heyy everyone! These nails came about because I couldn't decide if I wanted to do cute fox nails based on some pyjamas I saw a picture of online, or stripy nails, so I did both.  Stripy nails with a cute fox accent nail.

The base colour is China Glaze Dress Me Up, the stripes are done in China Glaze Adventure Red-y Exotic Encounters, Nina Ultra Pro Burnt Orange and Models Own Striper polish Black. The Fox is done is Nina Ultra Pro Burnt Orange, Barry M Matte White and Models Own Nail Art pen Black. As always I did a base of China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier and topped everything off with Fast Forward.

The orange and white for the fox was done with a small striper brush, and the black in a nail art pen. The stripes of the rest of my nails where done with a long striper brush.


Bird Necklace

Heyy everyone! As I have made nothing new for a while (I'm completely uninspired at the moment), I have a necklace that I made ages ago to show you all. 

It's just a simple setting and glass cabochon necklace, nothing too fancy. The bird image is from a set I bought online that I hadn't yet used. The glass cabochon is 18x25mm. 

I'm very sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures, but for some reason my camera  just wouldn't get any better pictures than these two.


Percy Jackson nail art

Heyy everyone! Today I have yet another mani for you as I haven’t made anything for a while.  The nails I have to show you today I have done before, but wanted to do again. So for your viewing pleasure I have Percy Jackson nail art.
Here's the first time I did these nails.

I did the beads that they get at the end of summer in the books, and I attempted to do a water effect on my thumb, which turned out so bad I didn’t even take a picture of it for you to see. I changed the look of the Golden Fleece nail, as the golden ram I did last time just looked like a golden blob.

From pinly- index; Empire State Building, Daedalus' Labyrinth, Golden Fleece,  sea green trident.
The colours I used for the bases were; Barry M Matte White, Beauty UK Black, China Glaze Hook and Line and Barielle Swizzle Stixs. I used Barrielle Swizzle Stixs, Chine Glaze Exotic Encounters, Hook and Line, Barry M Spring Green, Gold Foil, Matte White, Beauty UK Black, Golden Chestnut and a Models Own nail art pen in black for all the details.

The detail in all nails except for the maze, where done using a small or medium striper brush, the maze was done in the nail art pen.


Elf Outfits

Hey everyone!! I’ve got yet another Christmas mani for you today, I saw a mani by Kayla Shevonne that I just had to try. It’s little elf outfits, and as I’m dressing up as an elf for work on Christmas eve I thought that would be the perfect time to give them an go.

Mine are not as neat as her’s (obviously), but I think that they don’t look too bad.  Also the greens I used aren’t as different to each other as the ones she used, I wish I had used my darker green than the one I used.

I did a coat of Barry M MatteWhite before using Barry M Spring Green (lighter) and Nails Inc Culross Street (darker) on half of my nails using the brush from the bottles. I then did white again before putting M&S Red over it for the collars with a small striping bush and then using a dotting tool for the bells in Barry M Gold Foil. And then I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

There might be one more Christmas mani to come, but whether I have time to do it is another thing…


Happy Apocalypse Everyone!!

Heyy Everyone!! Yet another Christmas mani for you today, There might be two more before Christmas day, depending on whether I have time or not to do them. I went with a penguin theme today, as I had a little time for some simple freehand nail art.

I went with penguin accent nails with red stripes for the rest of my nails. I used a small brush and dotting tool for the penguin.

I once again used A-England Saint George as my base colour, along with M&S Red, Barry M matte white, block orange, and Beauty UK Black. As always I did a base and top coat of China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier and Fast Forward.


Christmas mani #5

Heyy everyone! I actually had a mani I did before this that I meant to show you, but I forgot to take pictures of it before it got ruined in work… Anyway I remembered to take pictures of this one for you to enjoy.

The base colour is one of my very first A England polishes Saint George (the other one is Galahad). Oh. My. God. Saint George is the most gorgeous polish I have ever put on my nails, ever. It’s a stunning green leaning teal, with holographic shimmer.

Once I had gotten over the gorgeousness of this colour, I decided to do another stamping mani, as I haven’t had time for freehand nail art at the moment.

I stamped a holly design from plate BM- 302 using Barry M Gold Foil, and then added the berries with a dotting tool in M&S Red, and then using the tip of a brush added highlights in Gold Foil again. I used red hex glitter on the accent nails for a bit of sparkle.

In other news, even my dog is exhausted from the amount of stuff that needs to be done because of Christmas...


R2D2 ipod case

Heyy everyone! For your viewing pleasure today I have an R2D2 ipod case, which I made because it was driving me mental that the only R2D2 cases I could find were for the iphone (which I don’t own).

This case originally started life as a horrible shade of yellow, which looked green in the shop… Anyway the yellow started to peel off after a while, so I peeled the whole thing off and kept the case as a backup in case my other one broke.

I really wanted a R2D2 case for my ipod, and I was going to buy a clear case to paint, but then I remember I had this one. Hooray for never throwing out crap!

Before I started to paint I drew pencil guidelines on the outside  of the case so I could erase them once I had painted it.  I used a mixture of acrylic paints and nails polish to paint the inside of the case. I used Barry M Silver Foil, Matte White, and Beauty UK Black because I didn’t have white or black acrylic paint. All the other colours were paint. 



Heyy everyone! I would like to announce how much I love TK Maxx, I mean where else would I get three OPI’s for £14.99. Bargain!

So my very first OPI’s are I Brake For Manicures, Suzi Takes The Wheel and Sea You In Hollywood.

Sea You In Hollywood was the one that made me buy them, I can’t wait to wear it. It’s a gorgeous shimmery blue. I Brake For Manicures is a deep plum, that I can see will probably become one of my winter faves. I’m intrigued by Suzi Takes The Wheel, I thought it was a light Khaki colour, but my mum thinks its grey… Either way it’s defiantly a shade I do not have in my collection.   


Christmas mani #4

Heyy everyone! The mani I’m showing you today was simply one I did as I needed to do something new and everything else I tried wasn’t turning out as I planned. I did about 3 different mani before doing this one… And I only settled on this on because it was about 9 at night at I just needed to finish a mani.
So here my Christmas colour block mani. Well, I don’t think it looks that Christmassy, but it was the best I was getting at the time.

I started and finished my mani with the usual China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier and Fast Forward. The base colour is Revlon No Shrinking Violet, with Barry M Gold Foil, China Glaze Adventure Red-y, Glitter All The Way and Nail Inc Culross Street over it. I used striping tape to get the blocks of colour over the base colour.

I’m not sure if I like this mani or not, I’ll probably only leave it on for a day at the most.


Butterfly earrings

Heyy everybody! I have a pair of earring that I made my mum for Christmas to show you today, they are gorgeous little AB butterfly earrings. They are a dainty baby pink, but change to all colours of the rainbow depending what angle the light hits them.

These little gems are 12x15mm and are hung on sterling silver fish hooks. I also put another one on a jump ring as a matching pendant, as my mum loves her matching jewellery.

I never know what else to say on these posts, I’m so rubbish lately.  Sorry about this really crappy post, hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures at least. And I’m still not getting the hang of gimp it seems *sigh*.


Christmas mani #3

Heyy everyone! A sort of Christmas mani today, as I wanted to change my nails, but I needed something quick so I just reached for my stamps.

I went for the snowflake design from plate BM-323, as it currently freezing here in Wales, although we don’t actually have snow right now.

I don't know why this has two watermarks... Must not edit pictures while tired...
I wanted to use green or red for this mani instead of the purple, but I really wanted to use China Glaze Glitter All The Way on the accent nail and I thought purple went better with it. The purple is Revlon No Shrinking Violet and I used Barry M Gold Foil for the stamping.
As always I used a base coat of China glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier and Fast Forward.

Haul post...

Heyy everyone! I've a haul type post for you today, although I didn't buy any of these things, my friend brought me these as her friend didn't get on with them. I was expecting a few bits and bobs when she told me she had them for me, but she brought quite a bit over.

So here’s what she got me;
Six wheels with; rhinestones, glitter shapes, fimo shapes, foil butterflies, half pearls, and dried flowers.
Nail water decals and stickers.
A few pots of glitter and glitter shapes.
Some striping tape.
And what I think I nail foils, but I'm not sure what they are…

So there’s lot here to keep me going, I still can’t believe how much she brought me.


Christmas Mani #2

Heyy everyone! There’s just a very quick post today, and this might be what my post for the next few weeks will be like due to work, so I hope you all  like the pictures.

So I have another Christmas mani for you today, it’s a string of lights with a tree accent nail. I used a striped brush for the lights, and striping tape to mark off where I wanted the tree to be and then added some glitter to the tree so it didn't look so boring.

For this mani I used China Glaze Hook and Line and Barry M Gold Foil for the base colours, and then added the details in beauty UK Black and Gobstopper, Nails Inc Culross Street, Barry M Yellow, M&S Red.


Nail Polish Necklace

Heyy everyone! I've got a necklace to show you today. This necklace was made using two different nail polishes; China Glaze Luxe and Lush, Smoke and ashes. I chose Luxe and Lush because I love the chunky duo-chrome-y flake-y goodness of it (Sometimes I make up words and hope people know what I mean).

The glass cabochon that I painted the nail polish on it is 14mm diameter; it’s the same setting that I used in the Avengers bracelet. I love the little setting on this; it’s a subtle necklace for those days I don’t want to wear a statement necklace.

Once again I don’t really know what else to say about this piece, I suck lately. I blame work, as I'm rushed off my feet all day at the moment, working in a card shop at this time of year is not at all relaxing.


Reindeer Nails

Heyy everyone! I finally did a Christmas mani! Yay, it only took me almost two weeks… I saw Nailasaurus’ Reindeer mani a while ago and I knew I wanted to do it over Christmas, obviously mine is nowhere near as good as her ones.

Looking back at these nails I'm thinking that I should have made Rudolph a little smaller, as I couldn't quite get his antlers in properly. Also for some insane reason the one on my left hand is better than the one on my right hand, I don’t even know how that happened… So here’s a picture of my left hand.

For this mani I used Barry M White as base for the non-accent nails, with Barry M Christmas Glitter over it, I have to place the glitter on the nail, as doing a coat just wasn't working. I used Barry M silver Foil under Models Own Silver Fox as the base for Rudolph, and Beauty UK Golden Chestnut for the face, and added then black to it to make the darker brown for the antlers. I used M&S Red under Barry M Red Glitter for the nose and Barry M Black and Matte White for the outlines and details. Everything is topped off with China Glaze Fast Forward. 


Tape mani

Heyy everyone!! I think I’ve found a new mani I will use when I don’t have any inspiration (which seems to be all the time right now), it’s a simple tape mani. I ended up doing this mani even though I wanted to start doing a Christmas mani, which I will hopefully start doing soon. Just to warn you, my watermark thingy still sucks… Oh the shame.

For this mani I used normal stationary tape, instead of striping tape. I also need to be more patient, as I had to redo several nails because I put the tape on too soon
I used China Glaze Exotic Encounters, Barry M Gold Foil and Accessorize Aztec. I did my usual base and top coat of China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier and Fast Forward.

I love you douchrome-y goodness of Aztec, purple, green with a bit of gold and orange. It is very sheer though I had to do two thick coats of it over the gold to get it at bottle colour. I’m thinking it might be a good layering polish.


Jedi Ring

I’m taking a break from posting manis for a little while now, which means that there will be a few posts of things I’ve made previous to starting this blog. Today I have a ring to show you all. A Jedi ring!

The inside of this ring was taken from an insert that was inside one of my Star Wars DVDs. The clipping has been set onto the 12mm glass cabochon.

I don’t really know what else to say about this ring, so not a very wordy post for you guys today… Sorry.